“La Côte Chalonnaise – Atlas and History of Climats and place names”

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Af Marie-Hélene Lussigny og Sylvain Pitiot.

En flot bog i den lidt mere nørdede afdeling med en gennemgang af marker og deres lieux-dits i de 5 regioner i Côte Chalonnaise.

Fyldt med facts om områdets appellationer og vinmarker.

Om bogen på engelsk:

A story of Mercurey, Givry, Montagny, Rully and  Bouzeron told through the maps and names of their 561 Climats. A unique book that gives precise details about a rocketing vineyard.

The Côte Chalonnaise connoisseurs can rejoice: they will find here a book that crowns the steady growth of this charming vineyard whose accessibility has attracted numerous wine amateurs for several years now. Sylvain Pitiot, wine consultant and cartographer, offers the reader detailed maps of the different appellations, along with the precise surface areas for each of their Climats, highlighting the particular features of every single parcel.

Marie-Hélène Landrieu-Lussigny, Professor of Classics and Literature, holder of the Aggregation, gives an etymological insight into these famous terroirs. For example the reader discovers that “Les Margotés”, a Rully Climat, originates from « margotte » which designates a sheaf or a bundle of sticks in the local patois. We know that the place was covered with oak trees before being planted with vines.

“Les Combins” at Mercurey refers to a combe, a land depression in the Côte. At Givry, “Clos Marole” comes from the Pre-Indo-European root MER or MAR which means rock or rocky height. This root is also to be found in the Maranges appellation for example. Indeed the reader will find the origin, the history and the meaning of each of these names. Thus this book is a precious testimony of the terroir culture in Burgundy. It should mark its epoch, like its predecessor that was devoted to the Côte de Beaune and the Côte de Nuits *.

This book is a French-English publication translated by Françoise Renevret and illustrated by Armelle Hudelot’s photographs.

With the participation of Jacky Rigaux, academic, writer and specialist in “geo-sensorial tasting”.

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